Wage Tax

The Netherlands is an attractive country to start a business. Historically, the Netherlands is a nation of traders. The Dutch government encourages entrepreneurs with a competitive Dutch tax regime. The Netherlands has one of the most extensive tax treaty networks in the EU, based on agreements with over 90 countries that prevent double taxation on income.

This results in:

  • No need for permanent establishment
  • No double income/wage taxes
  • No double social securities
  • Special 30% ruling for expats

Payroll in the Netherlands

Although the tax regime offers entrepreneurs various attractive possibilities, payroll procedures in the Netherlands are quite the challenge. The wage tax in the Netherlands, serviced through the payroll, is regarded a pre-tax for income tax, with many different kinds of local legislation.

When you start with employment in the Netherlands, Arvode can inform and help you with the possibilities and options. We can help you obtain a Wage Tax Number and offer you our excellent payment service.

Payroll Services

Set up Tax Authorities

To do business in the Netherlands it is not necessary to have a permanent establishment here. However, you will have to adhere to Dutch labor law, social security regulations and wage tax obligations. Arvode can help you set this up.

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Payroll Services

Expat Tax

When it comes to expat tax, compliancy with local rules and regulations is crucial. We supply the right advice and handle your expat tax administration, if required.

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Payroll Services

Payment Services

As an international organization with employees in the Netherlands, you need to pay taxes and employee wages correctly and on time. If you don’t want to establish a back-office to carry out all of the administrative tasks, Arvode has the right solution for you.

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