Expat Tax

In order to be compliant when employing expats or impats, you need to adhere to various rules and regulations concerning social security and wage taxes. Arvode can provide the advice you need and handle your expat tax administration.

Expat tax advice

For expats or impats, the main question is if they are social secured and/or wage tax obligated, or will remain obligated. The Netherlands have treaties with a large number of countries. Each case is different, which is when tax advice becomes necessary. Arvode’s partner can provide tax advice, or we can collaborate with your organization’s tax advisor.

Prevent double expenses

In addition to wages and other compensations, the pension scheme of the expat or impat is often part of the labor conditions. The employee usually wants to remain a participant in the native country. To prevent double expenses, it is possible to get a corresponding approval from the Dutch tax authorities, so the pension scheme in the native country is aligned with Dutch legislation. In that case, the result is a cost reduction for you as an employer.

Arvode can handle your expat tax administration or provide advise concerning expat tax and the pension scheme.

Payroll Services

Set up Tax Authorities

To do business in the Netherlands it is not necessary to have a permanent establishment here. However, you will have to adhere to Dutch labor law, social security regulations and wage tax obligations. Arvode can help you set this up.

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Payroll Services

Wage Tax

When you start with employment in the Netherlands, you will need to set up a number of things, including getting a Wage Tax Number. We can inform and help you with the possibilities and options.

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Payroll Services

Payment Services

As an international organization with employees in the Netherlands, you need to pay taxes and employee wages correctly and on time. If you don’t want to establish a back-office to carry out all of the administrative tasks, Arvode has the right solution for you.

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