NEWS 29 aug, 2016 Laws and regulations

Optimal use of WKR

For many employers, 2015 was the first year in which they had to deal with the WKR (Werkkostenregeling) or Work Cost Scheme (WCS). The fiscal consequences were mapped for both employer and employee and in addition, you were required to have a complete financial account [...]

Juliƫtte van der Smeede

Account manager

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NEWS 10 aug, 2016 International

Payroll across the border

As an employer, are you aware that you are already dealing with a non-typical case of taxation when one of your employees is living and/or working abroad? On account of the globalisation of our society, cross-border employment is becoming more and more common. Your [...]

Jaap Varkevisser

Payroll Consultant

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NEWS 26 jul, 2016 Laws and regulations

DBA replaces VAR

With the introduction of the Assessment of Employment Relationships (Deregulation) Act (Wet Deregulering Beoordeling Arbeidsrelaties, DBA), the Declaration of Independent Contractor Status (Verklaring Arbeidsrelatie, VAR) has disappeared as of May 1, 2016. Clients and [...]

Jaap Varkevisser

Payroll Consultant

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NEWS 24 jun, 2016 Laws and regulations

On-call contracts

There are different names for on-call contracts, the content of the contract determines what kind of contract it really is. All contracts can be traced back to one of two kinds of contracts that exist within Dutch law: an on-call contract with a preliminary agreement and [...]

Sharon Vervloet

Payroll Consultant

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