Shadow Payroll

Having a foreign employee temporarily working in the Netherlands, or a Dutch employee that is temporarily working abroad, you will need a shadow payroll. A shadow payroll is a normal payroll, but without actual payment to the employee.

Why shadow payroll?

Shadow payroll is needed for the calculation and payment of wage taxes owed.
In this way, it is ensured that the employee has paid all applicable taxes and social security fees. It prevents unpleasant surprises in the future for both employee and employer.

A shadow payroll requires extensive knowledge of tax regulations and international treaties. At Arvode, we have that knowledge and expertise and are able to provide a comprehensive service regarding the shadow payroll.


Expat Payroll

Sending your employees to work abroad or having international employees come to The Netherlands can be a complex task. It requires specific expertise and in-depth knowledge. Arvode can take care of the complex and time consuming payroll.

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30% Ruling

The 30% ruling is an interesting option for companies to attract international employees (expats) to their company in The Netherlands. You can either offer this ruling or opt for reimbursements of extraterritorial costs. Whichever option you choose, Arvode can provide the correct payroll service.

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Salary Split

To avoid double taxation when an employee works in different countries for the same company, there is the possibility of a salary split. With Arvode, you’re guaranteed of the right administration, carried out in collaboration with a tax advisor and the foreign payroll administration(s).

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