Expat Payroll

Sending employees abroad (expats) and bringing foreign employees to work in the Netherlands (impats) involves a lot of complexity, particularly concerning the payroll. This can have consequences for the social security, involving concerns about where an employee should be insured, and where taxes have to be paid.

Foreign employees

Foreign employees coming to work in The Netherlands can either be compensated in extraterritorial costs tax free or apply for the 30% ruling. However, keep in mind that a possible shadow payroll will be required depending on which country the employee will be socially insured. Your employee can perhaps also be working in several countries, meaning we would need to look at a possible split payroll. Whichever aspect within the international payroll is of relevance, Arvode can assist you.

International employment

There are a lot of things you need to take into account when you are dealing with international employment:

  • The 30% facility and extraterritorial costs
  • Cross-border employment and social security
  • Corresponding approval for a foreign pension plan
  • Specific employment contracts
  • Exemption from annual income tax return filings for your employees

With Arvode you are guaranteed support and correct processing of the international payroll and 30% ruling.

International Payroll

30% Ruling

The 30% ruling is an interesting option for companies to attract international employees (expats) to their company in The Netherlands. You can either offer this ruling or opt for reimbursements of extraterritorial costs. Whichever option you choose, Arvode can provide the correct payroll service.

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International Payroll

Salary Split

To avoid double taxation when an employee works in different countries for the same company, there is the possibility of a salary split. With Arvode, you’re guaranteed of the right administration, carried out in collaboration with a tax advisor and the foreign payroll administration(s).

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International Payroll

Shadow Payroll

When you have staff from abroad or you send your employees abroad, it might be necessary to run a shadow payroll. There are many reasons to set-up a shadow payroll of which the following are most common; the employee remains socially insured in the country of origin by applying for a certificate of coverage or tax equalization.

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