30% Ruling

The Netherlands has a special and very attractive tax regime for expats. Employees who are temporarily seconded abroad or to the Netherlands usually receive a reimbursement for the extra costs of living outside their home country, the so-called extraterritorial costs. As an employer, you can choose between reimbursement of the actual costs or use the 30% ruling, which applies in The Netherlands. The ruling is an excellent way to attract those workers that are hard to find locally, as it offers a true incentive in the form of a higher net wage. 

Dutch 30% ruling

This Dutch 30% ruling means you can offer a maximum of 30% of the salary including the reimbursement, tax-free. Or you can offer a free (untaxed) reimbursement for the extraterritorial costs that were incurred.

Whichever option you choose, Arvode can provide the correct payroll services.


Expat Payroll

Sending your employees to work abroad or having international employees come to The Netherlands can be a complex task. It requires specific expertise and in-depth knowledge. Arvode can take care of the complex and time consuming payroll.

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Salary Split

To avoid double taxation when an employee works in different countries for the same company, there is the possibility of a salary split. With Arvode, you’re guaranteed of the right administration, carried out in collaboration with a tax advisor and the foreign payroll administration(s).

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Shadow Payroll

When you have staff from abroad or you send your employees abroad, it might be necessary to run a shadow payroll. There are many reasons to set-up a shadow payroll of which the following are most common; the employee remains socially insured in the country of origin by applying for a certificate of coverage or tax equalization.

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