MSS is Manager Self Service and allows managers to view other employees’ personnel files, implement changes and evaluate leave days and declarations. This better facilitates a manager in his or her tasks. Based on personal needs, the language of the application can be modified. This way, a manager is informed and involved with the department. Using the personal dashboard and reports, the manager gains insight into HR statistics of the department absence, for example.

Benefits MSS
One of the manager’s responsibilities is daily management of the employees. This involves specific intrinsic support and guidance, but also regular HR administration within MSS. With MSS the manager can:

  • Implement changes
  • View staff overviews
  • Evaluate leave requests
  • Evaluate and approving declarations
  • Receive alerts (such as end of contract, probationary period)
  • Run HR reports
  • Set up reports (ad hoc and regular personal reports)
  • View the HR Dashboard


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