ESS is Employee Self Service and allows employees access and rights to their own personnel files, which means that they can view them and make changes to them. Because the employee is at the basis and able to implement specific changes, processes become more efficient and data is always up-to-date. Thanks to authorization levels, access and rights can be determined per employee, so the employee is only granted access to his or her own relevant data and company documents.

Benefits ESS
Thanks to ESS, employees can easily access their own personnel data in the language of their choice. In addition, they can view their pay slip or annual statement at any time. With this access, they can also consult their (and their colleagues’) leave days status and they can request leave digitally. Based on the staff overview of the department, they can determine whether their leave request is convenient or not. After the request has been approved, the leave day status is updated automatically. Expenses reports can be submitted easily, accompanied by a picture of the receipt.


With ESS the employee can:

  • Implement changes
  • View the staff overview and leave days status
  • Request leave
  • Submit expenses report
  • View your personnel file
  • View general and/or relevant company documents


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