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05 sep, 2017

On the 1st of September, Arvode HR & Payroll Solutions and Quoratio will merge and, in the future, will operate under the name of Quoratio. The two companies have co-existed for many years within the same group and are now officially joining forces. Quoratio is the largest personnel intermediary, offering practical training for specialists in healthcare, HR, salary and financial administration in the Netherlands. Arvode’s outsourcing services (BPO services) were positioned in the market under an independent label. The merger of Arvode and Quoratio is a development that will not only accelerate, but also underscore our ambitions. We are therefore very pleased about this.

Jochem Kentgens (Director of Quoratio):

“Arvode is the expert in payroll processing and advice within the fields of HR and salary administration. Because of its knowledge about and experience with various systems, software and service levels, Arvode is always able to offer a perfect solution to its customers. Outsourcing was a discipline that, within our group, was always one of the solutions offered by Quoratio, but then under an independent label. Everything will now be offered under the name of Quoratio which will be much clearer for our customers. We will be able to support our customers in every possible way with administrative challenges. We are now justifiably a “one stop shop” with our services.  

Miranda van Mook (Director of Arvode):

“Aside from the name change, nothing will change for Arvode’s current customers. We are convinced that, in this new capacity, we will be able to be of even better service to our customers. Especially by also being able to offer our services, including functional management, on customers’ software. This is positioned in between insourcing and outsourcing. The services provided by Arvode, with which everyone is familiar, with the various service levels – Self Service, Salary Service and Full Service – will remain as is. Both now and in the future, customers will receive the best possible advice and appropriate support with effective and high-quality insourcing and outsourcing.”

About Quoratio

Quoratio has 300 in-house specialists to assist with any administrative challenges you might face. Our administrators, project leaders, consultants, specialists and software experts are ready to support your organisation. Our industry specialists know exactly what is happening in your market and how we can be of service to you with the implementation of new systems, implementing regulations and legislation or with undercapacity within departments.

You can find more information about Quoratio and our healthcare, HR, salary and financial administration services at

During the forthcoming period, the name change will be introduced gradually and we will keep you informed of any operational or cosmetic changes. Should you have any questions about the name change or if you would like to exchange thoughts some time about how, with an even broader scope of services, we can be of even greater service to you, we would be more than happy to arrange an appointment with you. Your administration is and remains our ambition!


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