In 2004, Arvode started as a specialist in national and international salary administration, based in Zeist, the Netherlands. Arvode mobilizes partners both nationally as well as internationally, and enters into collaborations with these partners. Thanks to its global network, Arvode is able to support its clients in many aspects of HR and salary processing. Experience and expertise, gained via renowned parties such as EY, PWC and Ordina, are put forward and applied. Knowledge and service are company priorities.

Arvode and Quoratio are growing organization. Over the years, they have intensified their collaboration. In 2007, they moved to a new office in Bunnik. From that moment on, Arvode has been recruiting more and more young professionals through Quoratio. In addition, the company has become very flexible when it comes to temporary additional capacity needs, thanks to the availability of experienced salary specialists via secondment. Arvode takes on a variety of projects (including ICT, management and quality management) and handles them successfully, even on location if necessary.

In 2012, Arvode took a new course. The introduction of a new planning system, new salary software and new management provided a new zest. Marketing & Sales were expanded and professionalized. And the trend is continued by constantly monitoring market developments.


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